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NFL Draft 2020 Order

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The NFL draft 2020 starts today! Looking for the latest NFL draft 2020 breakdown? Look no further.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will go into the NFL draft without a first round pick this year. This after trading their pick to the Miami Dolphins for safety Minkah Fitzpatrick in September.

Despite the team not having a selection in the first round of the draft. Don’t expect them to make a lot of moves to get into the first round before or during the NFL draft 2020.

“It’s gonna be a spectator’s view.” Tomlin said on a video conference with reporters Monday. “But, it’s really a good opportunity for us to get comfortable with the organization of all of this, in terms of how the draft is unfolding and how communication happens, trades and things of that nature. I think there’s some unintended consequences, or benefits of not having a first pick from that perspective.”

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing a virtual draft setup. All the teams in the league are expected to participate in the league’s draft walkthrough, scheduled for 1 p.m. on Monday.

NFL Draft 2020 Order Rankings

NFL Draft 2020 Order

The Steelers have set up their own internal chat room for Tomlin, general manager Kevin Colbert, owner and president Art Rooney II and Vice President of Football & Business Administration Omar Khan to mimic an in-person draft war room.

“Basically what we have available to us is as if we were sitting in the room together.” Colbert said. “All the coaches and scouts will have access to every conversation going on. This via different lines. But Coach, myself, Art and Omar will get into trade talks, we can share a conversation as if we’re sitting there.”

Tomlin told reporters that the Steelers are not sweating not having a first round pick in the draft because they have already put the pick to good use with their acquisition of Fitzpatrick.

“I’m not fretting at all about not having a first pick,” Tomlin said. “That first pick is Minkah Fitzpatrick and we’ve already benefited from his presence and looking forward to him continuing to do so.”
Colbert expressed the same sentiment as Tomlin when asked about the possibility of trading back into the first round of NFL draft 2020.

“Under the kind of circumstances. The uncertainty of the player you might be taking. Also, not have all the information, I’m a lot more comfortable knowing we got an All-Pro player with that pick,” Colbert said. “I’m not real concerned about getting back in [the first round] because there’s good depth in this draft. I feel good about who we can get in the second round.” He has to.

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