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NFL Proposes Draft Picks if Minorities Get Hired

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NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, made news as the NFL proposes draft picks for teams if minorities get hired.

The NFL is considering improving draft picks for teams that hire minority head coaches and general managers.

Firstly, this is just a proposal. The proposal is aimed at fixing the diversity problems. Issues the league continues to face. Under the new deal, a team can improve its third-round draft selection by up to 16 picks. Going up 10 spots, for example. This, for hiring a minority candidate as general manager. Also, an equivalent-level position and six spots for hiring a minority head coach. Following so far?

Secondly, the proposal, which was submitted by the league’s diversity committee, is expected to be addressed during Tuesday’s virtual meeting with team owners. A league source confirmed, for instance. The proposal would need 24 of 32 votes in favor to pass.

NFL Proposes New Draft Rules for Minorities Get Hired

Furthermore, under the new deal, a team could move up five spots in the fourth round. However, if a minority head coach or general manager is going into their third year on the job. A team that retains a minority quarterbacks coach after one year would net a fourth-round compensatory pick due to the importance of quarterback expertise to the head-coaching pipeline.

NFL Proposes Minorities Get Hired

Teams that lose minority candidates to other teams would earn draft capital. A third-round compensatory pick for a minority candidate leaving to become a head coach or general manager and a fifth-round compensatory pick to the former team for a coordinator hire.

Jay-Z’s Impact on NFL

Furthermore, according to reports, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in favor of the proposal. Has this anything to do with Jay-Z? Many critics say yes.

Even though the Rooney Rule was established to improve the chances of minorities getting hired as head coaches, it has been ineffective because teams have been exploiting a loophole and bring in minority candidates for interviews despite already having their sights set on a non-minority head coach.

In conclusion, to better show how ineffective the Rooney Rule has been, three of the past 20 NFL head-coaching hires were minorities. This, while two of the NFL’s 32 general managers are minorities.

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