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Oakland Raiders Getting Tired Of AB Antics

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Many Oakland Raiders have had enough of AB. The Oakland Raiders had an idea of what they were getting when they traded for Antonio Brown this offseason, but the fact that he remains one of the best wide receivers in the game made the baggage that he comes with tolerable.

Last week, Brown, who hasn’t been able to practice with the team since the start of training camp because of a foot injury, decided he was not going to play until the NFL allowed him to wear his old helmet. Even though his teammates and head coach Jon Gruden have publicly supported him, general manager Mike Mayock seems to be getting tired of AB’s antics and he hasn’t even played an official down for the team.

“You all know that AB is not here today, right?” Mayock told a group of beat reporters as practice began Sunday afternoon. “So, here’s the bottom line — he’s upset about the helmet issue. Oakland Raiders have supported that, we appreciate that. But at this point, we’ve pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief.

AB Getting on Raiders Nation Nerves

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“So, from our perspective, it’s time for him to be all-in or all-out, OK? So, we’re hoping he’s back soon. We’ve got 89 guys busting their tails, we are really excited about where this franchise is going and we hope AB’s going to be a big part of it, starting Week 1 against Denver. End of story. No questions, OK? Just wanted you guys to know where Oakland Raiders were. Fair?”

After their win over the Arizona Cardinals, Gruden was asked about AB’s helmet situation once again and seemed frustrated about the situation.

“I’m not talking about it anymore,” Gruden said of Brown’s helmet after the Arizona game. “It was a legal, certified helmet, you know? Somebody approved it, or he wouldn’t have worn it.”

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