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Randall Cobb Compares Packers Exit To Breakup

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Randall Cobb recently compared his Green Bay Packers exit to that of a breakup with an ex-girlfriend. Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb signed with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason. This was after spending the first eight seasons of his career in Wisconsin. With the Cowboys set to face the Packers in October, the 28-year-old receiver compared his return to Green bay this season to a breakup with a girlfriend. What will Packers fans make of this?

“It’s like the ex-girlfriend that broke up with you,” Cobb said. “When you see her five years later, you hope you’re in a better situation than you were before — married, with kids, and you’re able to say, ‘Yeah, I did better without you.'”

Even though he was plagued by injuries the last two seasons, Cobb was surprised the Packers didn’t attempt to bring him back. Also, they didn’t offer him a contract during the offseason.

Green Bay Packers Equal Ex-Girlfriend

Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers

“I didn’t really have any conversation personally. I don’t know how much conversation there was between my agent and the Packers organization,” Randall Cobb said. “But I know there was never an offer put on the table — before or after the offer from Dallas and a couple other teams. I think it kind of made my decision easier. If the Packers would have made an offer, I would obviously have had to weigh that decision. But I’m very excited and very happy to be down in Dallas. I think it’s a great situation and I look forward to this season.”

With the Cowboys trading for Amari Cooper last season and Dak Prescott bouncing back from a disappointing sophomore season, Randall Cobb believes he will be able to prove the doubters wrong. What can we expect from the Boys?

“When you go to a new team, obviously a lot of these guys know me, we played against each other. But it’s different. They want to know what kind of practice player you are. They want to know what kind of teammate you’re going to be. And is it all about you? Are you just worried about yourself? Or are you going to try to make the guys around you better? The biggest thing for me in this whole process was just trying to earn the respect of my new teammates. Also do everything I can to better myself and better those around me.”

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