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Ron Rivera Plans To Continue Coaching Despite Cancer Treatments

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Washington head coach Ron Rivera was diagnosed with cancer before the start of the season, but he hasn’t let him slow him down and doesn’t plan to. The veteran head coach has three more weeks of cancer treatments remaining, and he reiterated that he plans to continue coaching throughout the process.

“It’s who I am,” Rivera said Monday on “Good Morning America.” “Listening to the doctors talking about how important it is to try and do as much of the routine as possible, but they also tell you, ‘Hey, be careful, listen to your body.’ And also, there’s other people watching me, so I’m just trying to set the example.”

During the team’s game on Sunday, Rivera was visibly drained after receiving chemotherapy earlier in the week. He needed to steady his hand on a team employee as he walked to the locker room at halftime. He said he took two IV fluids before the game.

Rivera said he has one more round of chemotherapy in the final three weeks.

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Ron Rivera Washington Cancer Treatments

“I’m looking forward to it,” Rivera said. “As [ESPN anchor] Stuart Scott said, I have it; it doesn’t have me. And it’s not how far I have to go, but it’s how far I’ve gone.”

Rivera said having a strong support system has been beneficial to him.

“When I first was diagnosed, I was angry; and then as I’ve gone through this, it’s always, ‘Well, why me?'” he said. “But as people have reached out, have talked to me, have given me their examples or just sent their well wishes, it helps push me forward. And I think that’s so important, ’cause when you go through something like this, you need a support system. And when you have the right type of people pushing you — man, I’ll tell you what, it really helps to get your momentum going forward.”

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