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Chicago Bears News Trubisky Rift

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In today’s Chicago Bears news update we discuss a possible Trubisky rift with head coach Matt Nagy.

After their 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky questioned the team’s offensive game plan. Along with the offense’s inability to move the pocket to better neutralize Green Bay’s pass rush.

“I thought we could have taken more pressure off them [the offensive line] moving the pocket a little more. Also me getting out [of the pocket],” Trubisky said on Sunday in Chicago Bears news. “They’ve [the Packers defensive front] done a great job of that [pressuring the quarterback] all year long, and that’s what they hang their hat on. They did that today. We just have to continue to find ways to take pressure off our offensive line. With a good pass rush like that, continue to mix it up, whether it’s with screens, running it, draws — all that kind of stuff helps. But, yeah, credit to them. They’re a good defense.”

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Chicago Bears Trubisky Rift

Head coach Matt Nagy addressed the Trubisky rift comments on Monday0 The Coach chalked it up to frustration caused by the emotional loss. The loss eliminated the Bears from the playoff race, extending the team’s streak of not making the playoffs in consecutive years since the 2005 and 2006 seasons. Not a great time to be a Bears fan!

“You guys are always catching us right after the game,” Nagy said on Monday. “And so there’s a lot of emotions that go through. Here we are losing a game like that. Knowing we could’ve played better. So I don’t know exactly what the question was that was asked, but I’m saying if you sensed a frustration, I think I know Mitch better than anybody in this building except maybe [quarterbacks coach] Dave Ragone.” What’s next in Chicago Bears news?

“So I know the effect or what he means by any of that. I think probably, if I’m going back and watching that, it’s probably very general and big picture but it’s also right after the game so I take nothing by that and we have a great relationship.”

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