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Dave Gettleman Believes Giants Can Still Win Despite Trading Best Players

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The Ny Giants surprised a lot of teams in the NFL last week when they decided to part ways with some of their best players. Dave Gettleman decided to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

The team let All-Pro safety Landon Collins leave in free agency to sign with the Rival Washington Redskins. Linebacker Olivier Vernon was traded to Cleveland, as was Pro-Bowler Odell Beckham Jr., who is considered one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

The Giants decided to stick with 38-year-old Eli Manning, who was given a $5 million roster bonus on Sunday.

As expected, the reaction from Giants fans hasn’t been very good, with a lot of people calling for Gettleman’s head.

Despite the displeasure of the fans, Gettleman told reporters on Monday that he believes the team can win even though they are currently rebuilding.

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“Really and truly, you can win while you’re building,” Gettleman said Monday on a conference call with reporters. “We’re building. The object of this is to win as many games as possible every year,” Gettleman said.
“So we’re building. We were 3-13 when I took over. We were 5-11 last year — 12 of those games were a touchdown or less. We’re building. I don’t understand why that is a question.”

Even though he declined to answer why the team traded Beckham to Cleveland, Gettleman told reporters he has a plan and fans have to be patient.

“Trust me, we have a plan”, said Dave Gettleman. “And over time, you have to be patient”.

Everybody wants answers now. We live in an instant gratification society, instant gratification world, and everybody wants answers now,” Gettleman said. “Over time, you’ll see it. You have to trust it.”

“As I said publicly twice, we didn’t sign him to trade him, but obviously things changed,” Gettleman said. “Frankly what changed is another team made an offer we couldn’t refuse.”

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