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Nick Foles to be Traded by Jaguars Possibly

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Rumors in the Jacksonville Jaguars camp are hinting at Nick Foles to be traded news.

Last offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars acquired quarterback Nick Foles. From the Philadelphia Eagles. Hoping he would lead them back into the playoffs. However, Foles was injured in the first game of the season. Paving the way for rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew. If Nick Foles to be traded, traded for who?

Minshew, who was drafted in the sixth-round of the 2019 NFL Draft, looked impressive on the field last season. Finishing with 21 touchdowns and six interceptions. While leading the team to a 6-6 record in 12 starts.

Due to Minshew’s play, the Jaguars feel they have their quarterback of the future. Also, want to avoid having to deal with a quarterback controversy next season, which has made Foles expendable.

However, with Foles having a $22.125 million cap hit for 2020, the Jaguars will likely have to sweeten the deal by including another pick to move the veteran quarterback.

Rumors Behind Nick Foles to be Traded

Nick Foles To Be Traded

Even though he saw limited action last season due to his injury and wasn’t very effective when he played, Foles will attract a lot of interest during the offseason.

During the 2017 season, Foles replaced an injured Carson Wentz in Philadelphia. Also, led the team to its first Super Bowl victory and won the Super Bowl MVP. This, after defeating the New England Patriots. In 2018, he once again filled in for an injured Wentz and led the Eagles to a 4-1 record during the regular season before they lost in the playoffs.

Nick Foles to be traded wasn’t as effective in Jacksonville. Losing all four of the starts he made while throwing three touchdowns and two interceptions. He returned to action after breaking his collarbone in the first game of the season but was benched because of poor play.

With plenty of quarterback-needy teams in the league, Foles will garner a lot of interest. Especially from teams who think they are a competent quarterback away from being contenders. Where will Tom Brady and Foles sign?

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