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Ryan Fitzpatrick Wants to Start For Dolphins

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Ryan Fitzpatrick is in the news! The Miami Dolphins recently drafted former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who they hope will be their franchise quarterback.

Even though most teams throw their rookies to the fire immediately these days, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is hoping the Dolphins will give him a chance to compete for the starting job.

“I’m as competitive as they come, so I want to go out and start. I know there’s a lot of forces that go into it from all kinds of different sides so whether that happens or not who knows,” Fitzpatrick said. “But I know in order for our team to be successful, whoever is playing, that quarterback room has to be successful. Whether that’s me out there, doing everything I can to put the team in position to win or whether that’s Tua out there doing it.

“I’m going to do the best I can to help him to make sure our position is doing the things to make our team win. That’s my mentality. That’s how I think about it. You know me very well from last year, and you know I want to be out there competing on Sundays.”

Can Ryan Fitzpatrick Start for the Dolphins?

Ryan Fitzpatrick Dolphins Quarterback

The Dolphins haven’t officially announced who their opening day starter will be, but head coach Brian Flores has heaped a lot of praise on Fitzpatrick on his leadership skills and said he hopes the attribute will stick with Tagovailoa.

“I just try to go in everyday and be myself. Even in the Zoom meetings right now, just be myself. I help them try to make sure they know and they’re comfortable coming to me with questions,” Fitzpatrick said describing his leadership style with Tagovailoa and Josh Rosen during virtual organized team activities. “I also am going to express my opinions and thoughts on plays that we’re watching and in two-minute drives. We’ve been going over some of that stuff. My mind and the process how I think through it — right or wrong — just provide them some perspective.

“I’m excited for [Tagovailoa] to be here. I loved watching him play in college. I think he’s going to be an awesome addition to the team for a long time.”

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