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Steelers Don’t Plan On Antonio Brown Trade To AFC Team

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Last week, Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II met with disgruntled wide receiver Antonio Brown to discuss his trade demand. After the meeting, Brown and Rooney agreed the best way to move forward was to trade the All-Pro receiver. Could there be a Antonio Brown trade to the Indianapolis Colts?

Even though the Steelers have agreed to trade Brown, don’t expect to see him wearing the uniform of an AFC team next season.

“I mean, when you’re trading away a player like this who could determine your own record and your own Super Bowl potential, of course you want to not trade him to teams that might be a factor,” general manager Kevin Colbert said.

Despite his declaration, Colbert did not rule out sending Brown to an AFC team if they make the Steelers an offer they can’t refuse.

“But if those teams step up and say, ‘Look, we’ll give you the best picks or the best players,’ then we have to make that judgment. OK, yeah, they’re a competitor, but what they’re giving us far exceeds what these other folks are willing to do. So will we be selective? It depends on what the compensation is.”

Indianapolis Colts Trade

Antonio Brown Trade Indianapolis Colts

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, teams in the AFC North and the New England Patriots are teams that the Steelers do not plan on sending Brown to. The Steelers also aren’t expected to take less than a first round pick for Antonio Brown trade.

Colbert also told reporters that three teams have reached out to him about acquiring Brown, but he didn’t discuss the offers that he received from the teams.

“Teams have reached out. I’d say we’ve had three teams that have touched base with us, and we’ll see where that grows,” Colbert said. “I think it will continue to grow.”

Since his decision to skip the final game of the regular season, Brown has indicated that he wants to play for the San Francisco 49ers, and former 49ers player and Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice, has been lobbying for the team to sign him. However, the 49ers have not publicly commented on Antonio Brown trade.

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