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Bet On Super Bowl MVP

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Looking to bet on Super Bowl MVP between Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy G? Look no further. Patrick Mahomes MVP +110 betting.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was able to lead his team to its first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years. This was with a win over the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game and will face Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

Reid will be coaching in his second Super Bowl. Yes, second. This while Shanahan will be coaching in his first as a head coach. Also, his second overall. This after making it to Super Bowl LI as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons. Current odds to bet on Super Bowl MVP for Patrick Mahomes are +110. Second best odds to bet on Super Bowl MVP +290 for Jimmy G. View complete odds above.

In his first Super Bowl appearance, Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the New England Patriots. This in a game that the eagles were in until the final seconds when the Patriots kicked a field goal to win the game.

Even though the game finished with a respectable score of 24-21. Reid was heavily criticized for his clock management in that game. This especially in the second half, when it seemed they were trying to milk the clock. Also, play it safe despite the Patriots being unable to slow down Terrell Owens, who finished with 122 yards while playing on an injured leg.

Odds to Bet On Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

Bet On Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

The next season, locker room drama torpedoed Philadelphia’s season. They never made it back to the Super Bowl for the rest of Reid’s tenure with the team.

In Shanahan’s case, which was also against the patriots. The Falcons had dominated the Super Bowl and had a 28-3 lead in the third quarter of the game. Instead of going for the jugular, Shanahan decided to call conservative plays, which ended up allowing the Patriots to tie the game in regulation and go on to win it in overtime.

As expected, Shanahan was heavily criticized for Atlanta’s performance in the second half and is still questioned about the game even though he has been the head coach of another team for the last three seasons.

At this year’s bet on Super Bowl MVP, one of the two coaches will get to redeem himself. The coach will pick up his first Super Bowl trophy, the question is who is it going to be? Bet on 49ers Chiefs here.

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