Bet On Superbowl 2018

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We are fast approaching the midway point of the NFL season, which means the playoffs are right around the corner. With close to half of the regular season games being played, we have a better idea of what the playoff picture is going to look like and which teams look like they will be playing in the 2018 Superbowl.

If you plan on betting on Superbowl 2018, here are a few things to keep in mind before making your choice.

Defense Still Wins Championships
This might be one of the oldest clichés in professional sports, but the reality is the team with the better defense wins most of the time.
Last season, the Patriots had a better defense than the Falcons, even though they didn’t show up until the second half. The previous season, the Broncos defense carried Peyton Manning to his second Super Bowl victory.

Bet On Superbowl 2018

The bottom line is seven of the last 10 Super Bowl winners had the better defense, so keep that in mind before you place your bets for the 2018 Superbowl.

Bet on the AFC Team
The Super Bowl has been won by the AFC champion in 13 of the last 20 championship games, so you’re better off putting your money on an AFC team to win it all this year. The fact that the AFC has four legitimate contenders this season while the NFC has only two should help make the decision easier.

Pick the Team Wearing White
This might seem a little out there, but you can’t argue with facts. The team wearing the white jersey during the Super Bowl has won 12 of the last 13 Super Bowls, including the Patriots last season. Like I said, you can’t argue with facts.

If you plan on betting on the Superbowl this year, check out our list of online sportsbooks that offer Superbowl lines.

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