Carolina Panthers Seek Super Bowl Appearance

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Well, the Carolina Panthers no longer have a shot at a perfect NFL regular season after losing to the Atlanta Falcons but they can focus on the Super Bowl only now.

One of the biggest storylines of the NFL year has been whether or not the Carolina Panthers can finish the NFL season perfect.

Cam Newton, who had an embattled collegiate career, defied all odds and hoisted the collegiate National Championship trophy at Auburn. Could Cam once again defy the odds and win the Carolina Panthers a Super Bowl championship?

Panthers Super Bowl 50 Betting

Just a few seasons ago, there was talk of benching Cam Newton in favor of another QB option. Head coach Ron Rivera stood by his quarterback and he has been paid off in spades, considering the fact that the Panthers have started the season 14-0.

It is unclear if the Panthers intend to sit their starters in their remaining games. This strategy is done to ensure the key players stay healthy for the playoffs. Greg Olsen and others have battled minor injuries, therefore, it may be wise for the Panthers to employ this strategy.

Cam Newton is a winner and he will likely want to be on the field, should he have his way. The Panthers are good enough to put their backups on the field and still pull off a win. It will be interesting to see if the Panthers can make it to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl online betting websites have the Carolina Panthers listed at 4/1 wagering odds to win Super Bowl 50.

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