Eliminated NFL Playoff Teams

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The Baltimore Ravens are always dangerous during the playoffs. While this years team doesn’t boast the same line up as the team that got the Ravens to the Super Bowl a couple years ago, this Ravens team has a flair of their own and the team seems to rally behind the leadership being provided by Joe Flacco. The Ravens finished the season at 10-6 which is a respectable record by all regards. The Ravens have played solidly all season and their team could have what it takes to beat some of the more highly seeded AFC championship contenders.

Julian Edeleman Touchdown Pass

Head coach Harbaugh has Super Bowl experience on his side and the right matchups could net the positive results for the Ravens. When you look at the games the Ravens won and lost, it seems as if their best wins came against the Steelers who are also in the AFC championship bracket. The Ravens will likely need to catch lightning in a bottle to get a playoff win but stranger things have happened. The Ravens have betting odds of 75/1 according to some online book makers. The Ravens will need to get the right bounces on the field in order to pull off a miracle and win the Super Bowl in 2015.

Update: The Baltimore Ravens are no longer in the hunt for the 2014 Super Bowl thanks to a crazy play by Tom Brady and Julian Edelman’s touchdown pass. The Patriots will now move on and play the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Conference Championship game at Gillette Stadium.

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