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NFC Conference Betting Strategies

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This Sunday marks both the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games. Next, we cover NFC conference betting strategies for the big game between the Packers at 49ers.

As the field of Super Bowl teams continues to dwindle down, you should be well aware of the various Super Bowl betting strategies that you begin implementing today.

Let’s take a closer look what you can do today in order to secure a payday on the big day. View updated NFC Conference betting strategies for Packers Vs 49ers below.

Make a Super Bowl 2020 Futures Bet

When you make a Super Bowl futures bet, you are predicting the most likely winner of the Super Bowl. It’s always good to do this during the playoffs because you can kind of look at the brackets and see who could potentially play.

Odds for NFC Conference Betting Strategies

NFC Conference Betting Packers at 49ers

For example, if you a longshot NFC team to win the Super Bowl at 8/1 and they cruise through the playoffs and win each game, you could also bet the other side and guarantee yourself a profit on gameday.

Otherwise, you could let the money ride or continue playing hot hand by placing even more money on the underdog team.

Over/Under Bets for NFC Conference Betting Strategies

The best thing about playoff football is that each team has plenty of time to study the other. This sets up interesting betting opportunities that can be advantageous to many bettors for Packers at 49ers.

For example, if two high scoring teams meet each other in the Super Bowl, you’ll have two weeks to view the line movements and lock your bet in based on the fluctuations of the over/under line.

This will give you an opportunity to cheer for both teams.

Super Bowl 54 Props

Prop bets are the lifeblood of the Super Bowl and many online sportsbooks offer several hundred props for you to choose from. This gives your bankroll a lot of options to make easy money as many of these prop bets are pretty easy to predict for NFC Conference betting.

You can even bet on how long the national anthem will take to be sang by the performer. Sites like Bodog give bettors the opportunity to bet over or under the amount of time it will take.

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