NFL Week 14 Betting Picks

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Week 14: Colts @ Bengals

The Indianapolis Colts will travel to Cincinnati on their road to get into the playoffs to Super Bowl 2014 to contend against the Bengals on Sunday, December 8th 2013 at 1PM EST. Andrew Luck has struggled since his big game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos and this match up against the Colts will be the real measuring stick as to how much damage this team can do in the 2014 NFL Playoffs. The Colts and Bengals both look to be favorites to win their division thus giving each team a good chance at a home playoff game. If these two teams play each other in the playoffs, it could be in the AFC championship game. This week 14 game will be a preview to any postseason action these two teams might have against each other.

Indianapolis Colts 2014

From a sports betting perspective, this game seemed to open up with the Bengals being 6 point favorites on all of the major online sports books. With that being said, many analysts seem to think that this game could be a lot closer than that. It is recommended to go ahead and get any bets in early on this game because the line is expected to shift dramatically as kick off approaches. NFL betting websites are available to those located all over the globe. Find your favorite online book maker and login to make this bet now before the line moves out of your favor.

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