Road to Super Bowl 2016 Wagering

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Are you here for some picks and predictions for Super Bowl online betting? If not, then get out of here! Ok, you can stay but only if you take heath of our 2016 wagering advice. We aren’t just sharing our researched picks because it’s good for our health, we want you to beat your sportsbook this year and your buddies. As we look ahead to the road to the Super Bowl there are some clear markers that must be addressed.

The AFC conference is full of action packed teams that know how to move the ball into the endzone. The New England Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champions however they are not the favorites to win the AFC conference in the 2015-2016 NFL season and road to Superbowl 50. That distinction belongs to the Indianapolis Colts who are currently getting +225 betting odds to win the AFC conference championship.

Road to Superbowl 2016

The Patriots are actually being priced +425 as the potential suspension of Tom Brady in the much talked about Deflategate scandal continues to hang over the organization. Other teams that have a decent shot of winning the AFC conference championship include the Denver Broncos at +500. The Baltimore Ravens are also a dangerous team that could represent the AFC in the Super Bowl as they getting +950 betting odds.

The NFL seasons should be extremely fun to watch as contenders and pretenders continue to sort themselves out by the end of the season. When you get outside of the top 4 teams listed above, the odds for the remaining teams start to get quite large. For example, the Steelers are listed at +1,200 odds while the Bengals and Texans are listed at +2,000 Super Bowl 2016 betting odds.

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