Seahawks at Vikings Playoff Game

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This coming Saturday, January 8th, 2016 the Minnesota Vikings play host to the Seattle Seahawks to start the NFL playoffs. On the road to Super Bowl 50 the Minnesota Vikings will have to do something that no other team has been able to do in the last 2 years; stop the Seahawks from going to the Super Bowl.

The Minnesota Vikings are led by Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. The Vikings have found success late in the season with veteran running back Adrian Peterson finding his stride during the 2nd leg of the season.

Seahawks Vikings Playoffs 2016

The Vikings have also found success in putting Stefon Diggs on the field. Although Diggs has been quiet during the middle of the season, Diggs has shown that he has big play abilities. Diggs has logged multiple games this seasons with more than 1 touchdown catch, which is quite an impressive feat for a rookie.

Bridgewater and the Vikings demolished the Bears in a late season contest, proving that the Vikings are hitting their stride at the right time. The Vikings will likely be a Wild Card team, although their chances of winning the Super Bowl in the 2015/2016 NFL season are small.

In fact, sports wagering websites have the Vikings listed as a 50/1 long shot. True Vikings fans probably feel like the Vikings have a better chance than 50 to 1, given the team’s recent successes against formidable competition.

If the Vikings can finish the season strong, their chances could improve as the team secures a spot in the NFL playoffs.

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