Super Bowl 2015 Betting Guide for Online Bettors

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For hardcore sports bettors the below information may be repetitive, however for players new to betting we hope the below Super Bowl 2015 betting guide will help provide you with a better insight on how to bet and where to bet on the Super Bowl online.

You may need to check your local listings if you are outside of the USA however the NFL’s Super Bowl will be broadcast on NBC on February 1st 2015. You won’t want to miss out on the big game and all of the festivities surrounding the event. The Super Bowl is typically held 2 weeks after conference championship games being held by both the AFC and NFC conferences. The Super Bowl will be commentated by the legendary Al Michaels and the veteran quarterback Cris Collinsworth. With the Super Bowl being one of the viewed events being broadcast worldwide, all eyes are on American football as the world enjoys the pageantry involved with crowning the NFL champion.

Betting Guide Super Bowl

The NFL is often broadcast on both FM, AM and shortwave radio broadcasts with Westwood One getting the radio call. The NFL often broadcasts the Super Bowl online on in efforts to prevent users from obtaining unauthorized streams of the event. If you use the rabbit ears, you can typically use that setup to dial into your local NBC affiliate and watch the event in over the air HD quality. The NFL has made it easy for anyone to participate in watching the Super Bowl, even if you are unable to pony up several thousands of dollars for the trip to Arizona to watch it person.

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