Super Bowl Betting

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Welcome to your new home for Super Bowl Betting! With the NFL wagering season underway we can now make our way towards the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII which is a few months away. Although it is too early to pick a Super Bowl 2013 winner, it is never too early to speculate who we think can go the distance after three weeks of NFL action. Today we will first go over the latest Super Bowl betting odds for Super Bowl 2013 brought to you by the Bovada Sportsbook and Top Bet sports betting site for NFL betting in the regular season, through the playoffs, and of course, the Super Bowl. In addition to reporting the latest Super Bowl betting odds and wagering lines at online sportsbooks, we will give you folks an how-to guide on how to bet on Super Bowl matchups and other online sports betting tips and tricks to be used at the above mentioned online sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting. When it comes to placing your futures Super Bowl bets we urge you not to discount the heavy favorites like the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots despite their early NFL regular season losses.

Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl Betting Odds

San Francisco 49ers 5/1 Betting Lines

Houston Texans 13/2 Wagering Odds

Green Bay Packers 7/1 Betting Lines

New England Patriots 7/1 Wagering Odds

Atlanta Falcons 12/1 Betting Lines

Baltimore Ravens 12/1 Wagering Odds

Philadelphia Eagles 13/1 Betting Lines

Denver Broncos 18/1 Wagering Odds

New York Giants 18/1 Betting Lines

Pittsburgh Steelers 18/1 Wagering Odds

San Diego Chargers 18/1 Betting Lines

Dallas Cowboys 20/1 Wagering Odds

Chicago Bears 22/1 Betting Lines

New Orleans Saints 35/1 Super Bowl Betting Favorite

Detroit Lions 40/1 Wagering Odds

New York Jets 40/1 Betting Lines

Arizona Cardinals 60/1 Wagering Odds

Seattle Seahawks 60/1 Betting Lines

Washington Redskins 60/1 Wagering Odds

Cincinnati Bengals 66/1 Betting Lines

Buffalo Bills 75/1 Wagering Odds

Carolina Panthers 75/1 Betting Lines

Indianapolis Colts 100/1 Wagering Odds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100/1 Betting Lines

Kansas City Chiefs 150/1 Wagering Odds

Miami Dolphins 150/1 Betting Lines

Oakland Raiders 150/1 Wagering Odds

Minnesota Vikings 200/1 Betting Lines

St. Louis Rams 200/1 Wagering Odds

Tennessee Titans 200/1 Betting Lines

Jacksonville Jaguars 300/1 Wagering Odds

Cleveland Browns 400/1 Betting Lines

There you have it fellow sports fans, 2013 Super Bowl betting odds for Super Bowl bets at online wagering sites for NFL playoffs and of course, Super Bowl 2013! Remember to check back here for the latest Super Bowl wagering lines and betting picks throughout the NFL season.

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