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Which AFC Team Will Make it to the Super Bowl in 2020?

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Do the New England Patriots odds make them the AFC team likely to make it to the Super Bowl in 2020?

If you are going to wager against the Patriots, you will probably lose that money. We’ve all been there before. Most sportsbooks have the Patriots and Chiefs as cofavorites to win the Super Bowl in 2020. Most current odds are listed at 6/1 for each team.

The high-octane Kansas City Chiefs are well deserving of this early favoritism as Patrick Mahomes has shown that he can lead his team up the field and score on just about any defense in the NFL. Will it be a AFC team that wins it all?

The Patriots odds have proven themselves over and over again because each year, sports analysts ask whether or not Tom Brady is too old to get the job done. Then this happens. Each year, Tom Brady keeps proving them wrong. Who can really argue against Tom Brady’s unconventional training methods? Also, his unconventional diet? Tom Brady will go down as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

AFC Team Patriots Odds 2020

New England Patriots Odds

Despite scandals, public beef with coach and other factors, Brady finds a way to stay focused. All the while winning football games and it’s probably fair to go ahead and say that he is the Michael Jordan of football. In the sense that there may never be another player like him ever again. What does it mean for the AFC team to advance?

In that regard, can you ever bet against the Patriots to win the Super Bowl? Despite having some bad games during the regular season, the Patriots are always tuned up during the playoffs. Gillette Stadium continues to be one of the most difficult places for opposing teams to visit during the playoffs.

Betting AFC Team Patriots Odds

With this in mind, the Patriots odds and the Chiefs have rightfully earned their preseason frontrunner status for the 2020 Super Bowl. Also, unless either team falters during the regular season, we should expect to see these two teams to play against each other during the NFL playoffs. Could this be Tom Brady’s last season or can he continue playing all throughout his 40s? Who will be the AFC team to beat this season?

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