Welcome to our new BetUS sportsbook review. BetUS is a popular online sportsbook that has been around since 2000. Like most sportsbooks these days, they offer a lot of sports to bet on and also have an online casino for those who want to bet on other types of games. Join the BetUS Sportsbook today to bet on NFL.

Signing Up and Deposit at BetUS

BetUS has different tiers when it comes to signing up. Ranging from Membership Package A to Membership Package G. If you sign up for Package A, you have to make an initial deposit of anywhere from $100 to $299. You will receive a 125% sign-up bonus if you use a credit card, or a 150% sign-up bonus if you make the deposit using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

BetUS Reviews

Betus Sportsbook Reviews

Package A members also get a 10% re-up bonus, a 10% casino chip bonus and 10% Gambler’s Insurance.
Package G membership requires an initial sportsbook deposit of $10,000 or more. Trust us, people do it. Members receive a 125% sign-up bonus for credit card deposits or a 150% crypto sign-up bonus. However, with this package you receive a 50% re-up bonus. The re-up bonus becomes more attractive if you deposit more money: Package A offers 10%, Package B offers 15%, Package C offers 20% and so on.

The Gambler’s Insurance is always 10%. While the Casino Chip bonus is always 10% apart from Package B, which is just 5%.
For those unfamiliar with the term, Gambler’s insurance is a bonus granted to players based on 10% of their net losses on deposits made from August to January and February to July. Gambler’s Insurance must be requested within the first two weeks of February and/or August. To qualify you must keep your account active with at least two wagers per week.

The rollover requirements change depending on the type of package you have. Package A has a three-time rollover requirement, but Package G has a 10-time rollover requirement. Baseball is only counted as half action towards the rollover, while props and futures do not count, nor do casino bets at the BetUS site.

BetUS Deposit Options

Even though the sign up bonuses are impressive, BetUS has been accused of using excessive “Bait and Switch” tactics, where they offer a user a specific bonus incentive to sign up, but they receive a smaller amount after they make their deposit. His forces the player to rollover their personal funds even though they didn’t get the bonus they were promised.

Making Withdrawals

Requesting a withdrawal from BetUS can take a while because users have been told they must play a significant chunk of their balance or make a number of wagers due to a past rollover from historical bonuses before they can think about requesting funds. The rollover requirements make withdrawing your money take longer than it would with other sportsbooks.

Placing Bets

Placing bets on BetUS is pretty easy because the site is easy to navigate. They have plenty of betting options to choose from when it comes to major sports leagues like the NFL, and MLB. Even though they also have sections for rugby, esports, motorsports, entertainment, and politics, those sections are not regularly updated, expect to miss out on the action if you’re trying to place a live bet. You may learn more about our BetUS sportsbook rating for NFL betting here.

When it comes to placing prop bets, BetUS keeps it simple, offering props that include double result, the winning margin, and the team with the highest-scoring quarter, which isn’t as much as any of the big sportsbooks offer their users.

BetUS Customer Service Review

One thing you have to give BetUS is the fact that their customer service does a great job helping you sign up and making your deposit. However, when it comes to requesting withdrawals, don’t expect them to be as helpful.


BetUS takes the fun out by having a minimum deposit requirement of $100, which isn’t something casual bettors can afford to drop at a time. Their withdrawal system is also frustrating because of all the rollover requirements they have. If there weren’t any better sportsbook, it would do, but since there are, using BetUS doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you don’t mind limited props and waiting for over a month to make a withdrawal. We hope you’ve enjoyed this BetUS sportsbook review.

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