Betting on the Super Bowl from Work

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Today on the last Friday and last work day before Super Bowl 47 we figured we would talk about betting on the Super Bowl from work, when most likely your boss is doing the same. With nearly 35% of Super Bowl wagers being placed online on the Friday prior to the Super Bowl, it is almost shocking at how many of these Super Bowl online bets are placed while people are at work. Whether you are at work, or unemployed living in your mother’s basement, we have all come to learn that Super Bowl online betting does not discriminate on who is going to win big, and who will not eat for the rest of February.

Betting Super Bowl Work

If you are amongst the gainfully employed that really only have time at work on a Friday to place your Super Bowl bets, then we salute you. You are not alone! Similar to the Kentucky Derby, many Super Bowl bets are made by bettors who normally do not wager throughout the season but just get sucked into water cooler talk and end up jumping on the Super Bowl betting bandwagon. With these types of bettors come a lot of questions on how to get started and how to bet on Superbowl online, and if it is safe. The safety of betting online usually comes down to where you bet. Do not pick a sportsbook just because you like the colors of their website. Take a second to read what other people are saying about the sportsbook and check out their rating on sites like this one. If the site has a good review then the chances are very good they are going to protect your information and pay you out quickly if you are lucky enough to win your Super Bowl bet. For the latest Super Bowl 2013 online bets check out the Top Bet Sportsbook for a wide selection of Super Bowl prop bets and total wagers that you can bet on for Sunday’s game.

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