Super Bowl 2013 Wagering

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Do you know what time it is fellow football fans? It’s Super Bowl 2013 wagering time and today we want to help you pick the right online wagering sites to bet on Super Bowl wagers. Super Bowl betting is fun, but imagine how much more fun you will have when you win your Super Bowl bets this year!

The NFL season is well underway and before you know it, Super Bowl 2013 will be upon us. Despite the fact that we aren’t currently aren’t even at the midpoint of the season, it’s quite clear which teams are the favorites for making the Super Bowl. One team that you cannot rule out is the New York Giants. In the past few years, the Giants have surprised the NFL twice by winning the Super Bowl when they were in danger of not making the playoffs during the latter part of the season. If you are planning on making a futures bet on who will win the Super Bowl in 2013, you should hedge your bets and always put a little money on the Giants.

Super Bowl 2013 Wagering

The two hottest teams in the NFL right now are the Falcons and 49ers. Both of these teams are playing well and they should see each other at some point during the playoffs. Two teams that are sleepers this year are the Houston Texans and the Minnesota Vikings. While the Texans were expected to make the playoffs, the Vikings were not and the team looks completely different from the Vikings team that took the field last season. Betting on Super Bowl 2013 is easy. Get a account and you can begin betting on any sport, not just professional football.

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