Super Bowl 50 Betting Info Guide

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The odds, they are a changing. The Carolina Panthers originally opened as -4.5 point favorites, then 6, and now 5.5 points. If you plan to bet on Super Bowl 2016 then we suggest you bet half your bankroll now, and the second half an hour or two before kickoff; that’s how online betting works I am affraid.

Did you know that Super Bowl is the most wagered upon event of the year? While brick and mortar casinos take in the majority of the action, reputable online sports books have given gambling patrons a new method of wagering money on the big game.

Outside of that, office pools and betting pools that involve family and friends constitute the remainder of the money wagered upon the Super Bowl each year.

Super Bowl Betting Guide

In 2010, reports indicated that the total amount bet on the Super Bowl each year could exceed over 8 billion dollars total.

Sports bettors see the Super Bowl as one of the biggest events of the year, because of the amount of dead money that may be up for the taking. Since the Super Bowl attracts both professional and amateur sports bettors, larger player pools may tip the scales in favor of sports betting sharps.

With so much money at stake, how can you NOT bet on this year Super Bowl? The Panthers and the Broncos are easily one of the best Super Bowl matchups to date. Enjoy this Super Bowl 50 betting guide to help pick the point spread and Super Bowl bets that are right for you.

Super Bowl 50 will be sure to provide sports fans with drama, excitement and suspense. Don’t miss Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, which will air on CBS at 6:30PM EST on February 7th 2016.

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