Super Bowl Futures Betting

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Okay, so you cannot quite bet on Super Bowl 2015 as of this moment because we do not know who’s playing in it, however we can place Super Bowl futures bets. For those of you not in the know, Super Bowl futures are long-term betting odds on who is likely to win the Super Bowl as of this moment. For example, currently the Seattle Seahawks are 5/2 betting favorites as Super Bowl futures are concerned. If you would like to learn more about futures betting or basically just the fundamentals of how to bet on the Super Bowl online then check out our how-to section for tips and tricks on how to bet on sports at Internet sportsbooks.

Many analysts make outlandish Super Bowl predictions. If you look at some of the recent winners of the Super Bowl and their preseason betting odds, you’ll understand that while a certain teams betting odds may not be good right now, the best time to bet on them is when they are high in order to maximize your value as the team improves. The perfect case in point would be the Seattle Seahawks of last season. Last year, the Seahawks were no where near being the favorites at the top of the list of Super Bowl futures odds. As the team improved, their betting odds dropped dramatically and even as the Seahawks lined up against the Broncos, the final score told the final story.

Super Bowl Futures

The Seahawks were even underdogs in the Super Bowl. This year, the Seahawks are overall betting odds favorites even though they already have a small blemish on their win loss record. When you think about Super Bowl favorites over the years, you typically do not think about the returning Super Bowl champion. There seems to be a Super Bowl hangover that some teams suffer after winning the Super Bowl but the Seahawks seem to be sleepless in Seattle therefore they are able to buck the trends and stay on top, as long as they keep winning football games.