Super Bowl Money Line Betting

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Hut 1, hut 2, hut 3…set HUT!!! Time to get ready for Super Bowl 47! What better time than now to go over the latest Super Bowl money line betting at the top U.S. sportsbooks that have just been updated. If you plan to get in on the Super Bowl online betting action then it is important to stay on top of line changes and Super Bowl odds updates.

As you may know, when you select the winner based on the money line wager, you are predicting the winner of the game regardless of the final score. This can be extremely profitable if the odds justify the wager. The underdog in the money line wager always gives better odds than the favorite. If the two teams seem evenly matched, sports books will commonly call these games pickā€™ems where the pay out odds on the bets are the same regardless of which team you take.

Super Bowl Moneyline Bets

Super Bowl money line bets can be made at sites like the Bovada Sportsbook, TopBet Sportsbook,, and the BetOnline sportsbook betting site for U.S. players. These sites specifically cater to the American community and they are highly reviewed by all online sports bettors. Currently, the money line has not been set at Bovada. As more news comes out about each team, these sports books will establish money line odds for each team should they win straight up. Wagering on Super Bowl has almost become as popular as watching the game in the USA so why not get in on the Super Bowl online betting action for Super Bowl 2013 between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. This is common because so many things can happen to a team in the 2 weeks leading up the big game. If you remember back in 2002, Barrett Robbins was unable to play for the Oakland Raiders and ultimately the team was routed by the Tampa Bay Bucs. Login to Bovada or TopBet a day or two before the Super Bowl to see if the money line bets have been published.

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