Superbowl 2014 Prop Bets

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrr”. Okay, maybe that song is meant for Christmas but it can also apply to the Super Bowl and the culminating of the NFL season. Although many Super Bowl preview sites are talking about the weather, moneyline, and point spread for the big game, we decided to switch things up and go over some of the most popular Superbowl 2014 prop bets that we have been able to find online.

Did you know that Bovada sports betting is your home to over 200 player prop bets for the Super Bowl? Bovada also has over 130 team prop bets for you to choose from as well. When it comes to Super Bowl betting, Bovada is your one stop shop for all of your sports betting action.

Superbowl Prop Bets

What are some of the most notable prop bets currently listed on Bovada? Did you know that you can bet on the total yards of Percy Harvin’s first reception? You can bet on the total number of tackles and assists by Richard Sherman. Bovada has posted on odds on total passing yards for Peyton Manning and you can even bet on how many touchdown passes Manning throws in each quarter of the game.

Bovada is famous for their novelty prop bets. You can bet on the how long it takes the Renee Fleming to complete the national anthem. Currently the line is set at 2 minutes and 25 seconds and you can pick the over/ under on this bet.

Bovada is even home to bizarre prop bets. For example, you can bet on whether or not Knowshon Moreno will cry during the USA’s National Anthem. The odds posted for this are (+300) if he does and (-500) if he doesn’t cry. Bovada is your home to the best Super Bowl prop bets found online. Get in on the action and create an account to get a generous sign up bonus.

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