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Bill Belichick Impressed With Cam Newton

You read that correctly. Bill Belichick impressed with Cam Newton thus far. New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, who signed with the team after being released by the Carolina Panthers during the offseason. Has impressed head coach Bill Belichick so far.

“Cam’s a hardworking kid. He really is,” Belichick said Friday morning.

Newton was signed after Tom Brady decided to leave the team in free agency to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Even though many assumed the former league MVP would be the team’s starter. Belichick said there will be an open competition for the starting job in training camp. However, from what teammates have been saying about Newton, the job is all but his.

“He’s a big guy, that’s for sure — just his physical presence,” veteran running back Rex Burkhead said. “Always been a great player, just [with] his versatility — his ability to run the ball and pass as well. He’s been able to do that at a high level for many years.

Patriots Bill Belichick Impressed with Cam Newton

Bill Belichick Impressed With Cam Newton

“He’s come in right away.  Head down, and tried to pick it up as quick as possible. … His first impact has been great. Just trying to learn as much as he can and mesh and jell with the rest of the guys.”

Even though his teammates believe he will be the team’s opening day starter, Belichick still isn’t tipping his hand about who will get the starting job.

“He’s worked very hard, I’d say, as all of our players have,” Belichick said. “I’d say that certainly for all the quarterbacks, at that position, those guys have been locked in, focused and confident in what they’re able to do and the information they have to give to the team — playcalling, adjustments, audibles, protection adjustments, things like that. That’s all going pretty well.”

Belichick also noted that Friday was scheduled to be the team’s first full-speed, high-tempo practice of camp. So “we’ll see how it all comes together at that point.”

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