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Brady Not Worried About Referees

The New England Patriots had a touchdown wiped away in their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday but Tom Brady not worried. This was after the referees mistakenly ruled that receiver N’Keal Harry was out of bounds. They also had another one called back on a fumble recovery the referees ruled dead.

Despite the fact that the Patriots would have won the game had the referees made the right calls, quarterback Tom Brady isn’t wasting any time dwelling. Dwelling on what could have been. Instead, he is focused on fixing the mistakes the team made offensively. Also, to avoid them happening again.

“I don’t ever make any excuses, and I certainly never blame the referees,” Brady said Monday morning. Brady also added that he didn’t get a lot of sleep because he was thinking about what the team could have done differently to score the tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

“When you play sports long enough, I think sometimes you’re the recipient of things that go your way. And you’re on the other side of it, too. For me, I don’t think too much about it,” he said of the officiating calls.

Why is Tom Brady Not Worried?

Tom Brady Not Worried Referees

“I wish it would go our way. Unfortunately they didn’t. It doesn’t take away from, when you watch the game, all the different things we had in our control that I wish we could have done a little bit better. We were just trying to keep grinding them out, and just put ourselves in a position there at the end with four plays in the red area, and just didn’t produce well enough to get the job done.”

With the defense playing well, Brady is hoping the offense can get on track before the postseason starts. Should it be that Brady not worried? No, the Patriots always get it done in the playoffs.

“That’s like every other year. Every season has its own unique challenges. We’ve faced them. We have to learn from them. And our whole season is ahead of us. We have to rally together. Also, trust in each other and go lay it on the line like we’ve been doing every week. This is about a one-week season for us and trying to go out and go to Cincinnati and win on the road.”

The New England Patriots are favored 7/2 to win Super Bowl 2020.

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