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Cam Newton Not Worried About Injuries

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton not worried ran the ball 15 times in his team’s win over Miami. Was he concerned about injuries? Which was the second-highest total in his career. Despite the fact that he is coming off an injury-shortened season. Newton isn’t worried about getting injured if the team continues to use him as a rusher.

“That’s just been me. Every year. A new discussion comes up about ‘It’s not smart to run. It’s not smart to do this. It’s not smart to do that.’ But at the end of the day. I just feel as if whatever necessary way you have to go about winning a football game. That’s what you have to do,” Newton said Monday morning.

“There’s many different ways to attack a defense, and having a quarterback run is just another added dimension that a lot of teams can’t have. Yet through it all, I have to make a conscientious decision each and every time I do run the ball to be smart. Not to get ahead of myself and trying to prove a point. As long as I run and take care of myself and get down when need be, then I feel like everything will be OK.”

Potential Cam Newton Not Worried About Injuries?

Cam Newton Injuries Rushing

Newton, who rushed for 75 yards in their last game, said he is more focused on sliding. Sliding?

“That’s how my running style has morphed over the years. I just feel like I’ve gotten better at it. From the time I got into the league to the time now, people always see the running amount, but at the same time, the toll on a runner is not the same as a running back, so to speak,” he said.

“Quarterbacks, all alike, have an invisible rule to be able to get down in the open field. Rather than finish the run as other positions would like to do. Either I’m the hammer and not the nail — delivering the blow. Or at the end of the day, I can get down and, like they all say, live to fight another day.”

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