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Team With a Winning Record

Happy Thanksgiving Day America! Going into NFL Week 13 what team with a winning record will make it to the Super Bowl?

Firstly, the Dallas Cowboys missed out on an opportunity to increase their lead in the NFC East after losing to the New England Patriots on Sunday. Secondly, the team faced a tough task against the Patriots. New England is tied with the San Francisco 49ers for the best record in the league, team owner Jerry Jones was not happy with his team’s performance.

“The bottom line is that was a tough challenge,” Jones said. “They know how to play this game, in this weather. Their team was masterful. Their coach was masterful. … It was a significant setback for our team. We need this win. We needed a win against an opponent like this, and we haven’t had one.”

Furthermore, the loss to the Patriots was another loss by the Cowboys to a team with a winning record. They have not defeated a team with a winning record since their win over the New Orleans Saints in Week 13 of last season.

Best Team With a Winning Record

Team With A Winning Record

“I think you’re going to get out-coached during this era when you come to New England. Seriously, I do. I think you are,” Jones said. “I give him his, not due there, but it’s just what you’re dealing with. My point is: Don’t get yourself in a spot where you have to come up here and beat him, and beat them on a day like today. Don’t get in a spot where that’s determining what you want to be about, where that’s determining where we’re going.”

Despite the Cowboys being 6-5 and still on top of the NFC East standings, Jones isn’t satisfied with what he saw from his team. Especially at the end of the game, for instance.

“I don’t care if it is New England with their record and their coach and all that. You can’t be satisfied just because you got within the last drive. I’m just really frustrated. I thought we could come up here and put together a better effort in all three phases. I expected us to play well against them defensively. We got what I think we should have expected from our defense. The other phases of the game, we can’t come up here and play like that.”

In conclusion, take the New England Patriots to make it to the Super Bowl out of which team now is the team with a winning record.

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