Expert Stimulated Super Bowl 2017 Picks

Who Are Computers Picking to Win Super Bowl 51 via expert stimulation?

Should you trust the opinion of artificial intelligence that is stimulated by an expert when it comes to betting on events such as the Super Bowl or even a monkey, dog, or any other animal?

Artificial intelligence has come along way and AI has made some pretty stellar picks over the past year in various different sports book events. Let’s take a closer look at what artificial intelligence is predicting for Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl Stimulated Picks

  • Super computers that are owned by certain websites predict that the final score of the game will be 29-21 in favor of the Falcons.
  • Microsoft Bing impressively picked the winners in 64% of all NFL games in the 2016 NFL regular season. Currently, Bing is giving the slight edge to the New England Patriots.
  • It’s clear that there is no general consensus among super computers in terms who will win Super Bowl 51. The unpredictability of the Super Bowl is one of the reasons that this game is the best NFL game to watch in the entire season.

    Should you trust computers to help you make your Super Bowl betting decision? That’s up to you to decide. You should crunch your own number and trust your gut first. If the super computers agree with you, head over to an online sportsbook like BetOnline, MyBookie or TopBet and test out your Super Bowl betting strategies.

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