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Lamar Jackson For NFL MVP?

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Is it possible to crown Lamar Jackson NFL MVP ahead of NFL Week 11? Many NFL pundits seem to think so.

Firstly, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was told to consider moving to the wide receiver position. This was when he entered the NFL Draft last year. For the reason that some NFL GMs didn’t think he could play the quarterback position as a pro due to his size and inaccuracy in college.

Despite the criticism, Jackson stuck to his guns was selected by the Baltimore Ravens, who saw him as their quarterback of the future. After a slow start to the season, the Ravens inserted Jackson into the lineup and made the playoffs, signaling the start of a new era.

This year, Jackson has led the Ravens to a 7-2 record. The record includes wins over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots. The second-year signal-caller has thrown for over 2000 yards. Also, LJ has over 700 rushing yards in just nine weeks, which has made him one of the front runners for the NFL MVP award.

“Listen, the most valuable player on a team, I don’t know how you can say there’s one more (valuable) than Lamar,” running back Mark Ingram said after the road win, via The Athletic.

Ravens Lamar Jackson Making NFL MVP Noise

Lamar Jackson NFL MVP

“Lamar Jackson is a special player, man,” Ingram said. “When guys force him to throw, he’s going to throw and hurt you. He’s going to do whatever it takes to win a game, whatever it takes for a play to be successful. Jackson’s maturing so much. He’s continuing to get better. All the great things he’s been doing, he’s going to continue to improve.”

Bengals safety Shawn Williams, who got an up close look to Jackson on Sunday, has also become a believer. Similar to Cincinnati head coach Zac Taylor. More for NFL MVP honors?

“They have probably the MVP quarterback,” Williams said. “He got my vote. Definitely. He’s definitely the best I’ve faced this year.”

“He’s one of the most exciting players I’ve ever seen,” Cincinnati coach Zac Taylor said. “I’m interested to see what teams do down the road here to stop him because he certainly is hitting on all cylinders right now.”

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