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Will The New England Pats Tie The Pittsburgh Steelers For Most Super Bowl Wins?

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The New England Pats advanced to the Super Bowl for the ninth time. This is since Bill Belichick became their head coach. They advanced after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a tough Pats Chiefs AFC Championship Game. Now, they have another opportunity to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tie the Steelers with six Super Bowl wins. This is only if they can get past the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 2019.

Last season, the team had an opportunity to tie the Steelers. However, they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. The loss was in one of the most exciting Super Bowls in recent years. This time around, don’t expect the team to take the trip to the Super Bowl for granted. For the reason that it might be their last trip to the Super Bowl in a long time. This is because their quarterback Tom Brady turns 42 next season.

After losing to the Eagles in the last Super Bowl, the New England Pats were written off as a contender this season especially with the emergence of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints playing well during the regular season.

Super Bowl Wins

New England Pats Super Bowl Wins

Despite the team being doubted by outsiders, the Patriots managed to finish with the second best record in the AFC and defeated the top seeded Chiefs to advance to the Super Bowl.

With Brady and Belichick having the opportunity to become the first coach and player to win six Super Bowls with one organization, expect the Patriots to come into this game as focused as they can be.

New England’s biggest problem heading into the Super Bowl is their run defense. They did a good job against the Chiefs and Chargers, but will have a tougher time stopping the Rams with Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson in the backfield. If they can stop the Rams from running effectively, expect to see the Patriots lift the Lombardi Trophy for the sixth time.

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