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Pete Carroll Wants NFL To Stop Instant Replay

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is not a fan of instant replay and is hoping the NFL stops using replay during games or limit the amount of replays during games.

Pete Carroll first voiced his displeasure with instant replay during the NFL owners’ meeting in 2018.

“I don’t like instant replay,” Carroll said. “I like the game played on the field. The scrutiny of the officials has become so intense, they don’t call the game like they used to, I feel. That didn’t mean I didn’t argue with them anymore or any less.”

“There are so many reasons why replay has been a positive factor in our game, but I don’t like it,” the Seahawks coach added.

On Monday, Carroll revisited his thoughts on instant replay and hasn’t changed his mind about it.

Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll on Instant Replay

“Get rid of — or at least decrease the use of — instant replay,” Carroll said. “I get all the reasons why we have instant replay, and technology has opened up a new world for us to get to this point. But I miss the human element of trusting the officials to make the calls in the moment and then the rest of us having to live with what they called.

It was both fun and frustrating, but I really liked the game better when the officials were just as much a part of the game as the players.”

With NFL officials making so many mistakes during games, it is hard to envision the league doing away with instant replay. However, Pete Carroll might get his wish to reduce the use of replay because the games are taking too long and the league is trying to figure out a way to reduce the time it takes to complete games.

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