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Roethlisberger Says He Went Too Far With Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spoke up this week. He accepted some blame for the way things turned out with All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown last season. Saying he shouldn’t have publicly criticized the receiver. This. after throwing an interception in a game against the Denver Broncos. This further fueled the Roethlisberger Antonio Brown beef.

After the game, Roethlisberger criticized Brown’s route-running. Big Ben said he should have thrown the ball to second-year receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. JuJu, who led the team in receiving last season and was voted the team’s MVP. Antonio Brown mocked the award on social media.

Brown, who is considered one of the best receivers in the league, wasn’t happy about the way his quarterback treated him and the fact that Smith-Schuster was getting more touches than he was, and shocked Steelers fans at the end of the season when he requested a trade. The Steelers, who were already dealing with a big distraction in Le’Veon Bell, decided to honor Brown’s wishes and sent him to Oakland for draft picks.

With the offseason coming to an end and teams starting their OTAs, Roethlisberger offered an apology during a radio interview.

Roethlisberger Antonio Brown Beef

Roethlisberger Antonio Brown

“I took some heat and deservedly so for some of the comments on that show and especially towards him,” Roethlisberger said. “I genuinely feel bad about that and I’m sorry. Did I go too far after that Denver game? Probably. … That’s the thing about media and social media, As soon as you say ‘sorry’ it only goes so far. You can’t take it back. And I wish I could because if that’s what ruined our friendship and relationship, I’m truly, genuinely sorry about that.”

Even though he has apologized for his actions, Roethlisberger still has to make amends with some of his teammates. He made the comments about Brown during the weekly radio show he does during the season, and is considering ending the show this year to avoid another conflict with a teammate next season.

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