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Denver Broncos 2020 Playoff Chances

Could the Denver Broncos surprise the NFL and win the Super Bowl? Today we preview their 2020 playoff chances. The Broncos have traditionally been pretty decent on defense. However over the past few years, their quarterback play has been lacking. It seemed like a Godsend when Peyton Manning showed up and led to them Super Bowl back several years ago.

Once again, the Broncos have been blessed with a Super Bowl winning quarterback nearing the end of his career.

Could Joe Flacco take the Broncos back to the Super Bowl. Also, defy the 80/1 longshot 2020 playoff chances being given to them by online sportsbooks? What do betting sites know?

At age 34, Joe Flacco should still have a few good years left in his tank. Some sports analysts believe that Flacco wasn’t very good in Baltimore while others argue that he got a raw deal. The NFL is a “What have you done for me lately” league and last year, Flacco wasn’t having his best year. However, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson put up pathetic numbers in their playoff game last season, thus leading many fans to question whether or not Flacco could have been a better option.

Super Bowl 2020 Playoff Chances for Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos 2020 Playoff Chances

In order to squash the controversy, Flacco was shipped to Denver. The move makes sense on paper. If you look at Flacco’s body of work in the NFL, he’s accurate and reliable and that’s what you’d want in your franchise QB.

The Denver Broncos certainly needed a quarterback and other facets of the Broncos team was hitting on all cylinders. The defense is still decent and the Broncos will have a good running game. While the Broncos are extremely unlikely to win the Super Bowl in 2020, they certainly have a good base to rebuild their team especially if Flacco can stay healthy for just a few more season.

Can they defeat the division rival Kansas City Chiefs? If the Broncos can answer that question, they will silence the critics and those who locked in the Broncos at 80/1 betting odds could be looking forward to a big Super Bowl payday.

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