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Falcons on Verge of Missing Playoffs

Fans looking for Falcons playoffs odds? The Atlanta Falcons haven’t been right since they lost Super Bowl LI to the New England Patriots. The team went from 11 wins in 2016 to 10 wins the next year, then missed the playoffs entirely last season with a 7-9 record.

This year, the team was expected to challenge the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South crown. However, they are off to another slow start. Which led to fans booing the team at home in their last game, as the team fell to 1-3 for the year.

Atlanta’s 1-3 record makes the team the third in the NFC. Also, with a losing record. The Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins, who are both winless. Were expected to struggle this season as they embark on a rebuild. However, the Falcons were expected to bounce back from their first losing season since 2014, but they haven’t looked good so far, which has left head coach Dan Quinn searching for answers.

“When you’re not performing well, you look at everything,” Quinn said. “Whether that’s role or featuring players or however you need to address it, you do. You can’t have the one-offs… ‘except for, other than this play, in between the 20,’ all those things are just excuses to me.”

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Falcons Superbowl Playoffs

Part of the reason the fans are upset with the way the Falcons have played this season is the fact that the team has put up some decent numbers. However, have been unable to convert them into points. Quarterback Matt Ryan completed 35 of 53 passes for 397 yards in their loss to the Tennessee Titans, but failed to score a touchdown.

“That’s part of it when you’re playing poorly,” Ryan said. “You are not giving them much to cheer about. You get it.

“We want to give them something to get loud about. To make those plays to get this place rocking. We didn’t do that (Sunday). We’ve got to find a way to make plays to get the energy in the building going.”

Even though Quinn didn’t go into specifics about how he intends to improve the team, expect to see some changes when they play the Houston Texans this week. The Falcons need to change things if they want to make the playoffs.

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