John Fox and Pete Carroll Matchup

If Super Bowl 2014 doesn’t have more storylines than a children’s bedtime book going into Sunday than any other Super Bowl to precede it, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. One less discussed storyline this weekend has been the John Fox and Pete Carroll matchup. Did you know that both John Fox, Denver Broncos head coach and Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks head coach, were assistant coaches at the Iowa State University? It was during different times of course, yet nonetheless they both coached the same team but there will be no love lost in today’s big game.

John Fox took the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in the mid 2000s and came up 3 points short to the eventual champions the New England Patriots. In this edition of the Super Bowl, Fox comes in as the favorite with a hall of fame quarterback in Peyton Manning and steadfast defense that doesn’t give up to many mistakes. The Denver Broncos could potentially run away with this Super Bowl if things go right for them but they certainly won’t be blown out. Look for this match up to remain competitive up until the last blow of the whistle.

Fox Carroll Superbowl

Pete Carroll has experienced success on levels of football. He won a national championship at USC while coaching the New England Patriots back in the late 90s with limited success. Carroll is known as a charismatic motivator of men. He is certainly the catalyst of this young squad.The Seattle Seahawks host a roster of players who have never played in a Super Bowl before. Pete Carroll is the cornerstone of this team because he has these men playing like winners.

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