Super Bowl Stats and Trends

Tis the season! As you enjoy your Christmas Eve we will look at some fun stats and trends going into Superbowl 50.

The history of the Super Bowl is full of factoids that sure to impress your friends. For example, did you know that out of the past 5 Super Bowls, only one Super Bowl had a final points margin that was larger than 1 touchdown? When the Seahawks defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl 48, the final score was 43 to 8. Every other Super Bowl in the past 5 years has finished with a winning margin of 7 points or less.

Superbowl 50 Stats

Between 2004 and present, the Super Bowl has had two players that have won the Super Bowl MVP twice. Those two players are Eli Manning and Tom Brady. The 50th edition of the Super Bowl looks to be one of the best yet, with teams having to travel to the West coast in order to play the big game. Although the teams traditionally arrive in the Super Bowl city a week beforehand, most NFL teams are located on the East coast. Could Super Bowl 50’s geography give a west coast team such as the Seahawks an advantage should they make it into the Super Bowl for the third straight year? The last team to make 3 straight Super Bowls was the Dallas Cowboys in the early 90s.

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