Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl 51 Outlook

Entering Week 10 of the NFL Season, the Dallas Cowboys have amassed a 7-1 record. With rookie quarterback Dak Prescott leading the Cowboys in lieu of Tony Romo’s early season injury, the Cowboys have exceeded everyone’s preseason expectations.

The Dallas Cowboys are now being listed as 8/1 in terms of winning Super Bowl 51, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that this team may have a quarterback controversy on its hands soon.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl 51 Outlook

The Cowboys have tried to downplay the looming “Time bomb” at the quarterback position. Many analysts believe it would be ridiculous for the Cowboys to take the starting job away from Dak Prescott, while others believe Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may very well give the starting job back to Tony Romo.

Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott has also been a big reason for the Cowboys recent success. Elliots started the season with lackluster numbers, but he has really picked up the pace so far this season. Both Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott are in the running for the NFL’s Rookie of the Year award.

Many experts believe that the Cowboys could have a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl in 2017. Unfortunately, those same experts may not feel as optimistic about the Cowboys if Tony Romo returns to the team and retakes the starting quarterback role. Romo is known for making critical mistakes in the playoffs, could the Cowboys mess up their mojo by bringing back Romo?

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