NFL Super Bowl 51 Preview Pittsburgh Steelers

All NFL fans know that the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for winning the most Super Bowls. Could the Steelers win Lombardi Trophy #7 at Super Bowl LI?

The Steelers are currently battling the Baltimore Ravens for the top spot in the AFC North. If the Steelers can win the AFC North division, it’s possible that they could potentially get a first round bye in the playoffs. Also, the division winner is guaranteed at least 1 home playoff game. If the Pittsburgh Steelers are able to win their division, their hopes of winning a Super Bowl are that much better.

NFL Super Bowl 51 Preview Pittsburgh Steelers

Consider the current landscape of the NFL. New England is dealing with injuries, the Baltimore Ravens are inconsistent and the only other teams that could give the Steelers problems would be the Oakland Raiders or perhaps the Denver Broncos.

The Steelers have the pedigree to win the Super Bowl. When you consider Big Ben’s clutch performances in the past, the recipe is there for the Steelers to run the table in the AFC Conference Playoffs and win in Super Bowl 15/1.

Sportsbooks will likely change this line once the playoffs get closer. If you believe there is value in this Super Bowl LI futures pick, go ahead and lock it in at your favorite online sportsbook.

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