Super Bowl LI Predictions Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have found themselves with one of the best records in the AFC. The Raiders have been excel under the leadership of Derek Carr at quarterback. In his 3rd season, the Raiders have finally hit their stride and it is a near lock that the Raiders will make the NFL playoffs.

In fact, the Raiders could become the number 1 overall seed in the AFC. The Raiders could get the home field advantage in the playoffs. However, looking at their record, you have to wonder if that will actually be an advantage. After 12 weeks of NFL action, the only 2 losses by the Raiders were at home.

Super Bowl LI Predictions Oakland Raiders

So far, the Raiders are perfect on the road. Could this factor into the Raiders Super Bowl hopes? Probably not, as the only game the Raiders were outclassed was against the Chiefs. The Raiders have one more game against the Chiefs, so it will be interesting to see if the Raiders have learned anything from their last loss.

At 15/1 betting odds, taking the 9-2 Oakland Raiders is a great way to gain a bit of action on a team that could potentially become the number 1 seed in the AFC. While the Patriots will give the Raiders a battle for the number 1 seed, they have had significant injuries that could further catapult the Raiders into the top playoff spot.

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