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NFL Live Betting Week 2

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Top NFL live betting Week 2 strategies and useful tips. One of the most exciting innovations over the past few years is the ability to wager during the middle of an NFL game. Sites like BetNow, MyBookie and others allow you to bet on sports in-between each play giving you the ability to lock in a wager based on the flow of the game.

This is an incredibly powerful tool because you can gain an edge the sportsbooks by simply waiting for the betting lines to tip into your favor. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you are watching a Kansas City Chiefs game. If you payed attention to the Chiefs 2019 campaign, you’d quickly realize that the team was able to come back from seemingly insurmountable point deficits.

During the middle of a game, the Chiefs could be down multiple scores and the in-game betting menu might provide you a favorable line for the Chiefs to cover the spread. If the Chiefs are able to muscle back from large deficits, you could stand to profit as the live line changes. Before wagering check out our MyBookie Sportsbook review first.

Best NFL Live Betting Sites for NFL Week 2

NFL Live Betting Tips

Another bet you should keep an eye on is the live point total. As the game continues to go back and forth, the live over/under line will fluctuate. Because of this, sharp sports bettors can wait until the over/under line is incorrect and capitalize on this fluctuation.

You have to be patient and disciplined to profit using in-game wagering. One of the best tips for in-game wagering is to try and watch the game using an “Over-the-air” board cast model. Sometimes, when you stream a game online, you might be seeing a play up to 30 seconds after it happens. This can be frustrating because you’ll get locked out of the in-game wagering because the play has already happened.

When lock-in your in-game wagers, try to do it as early as possible. You never know when you’ll get locked out and it can be frustrating to have a sure-fire bet that doesn’t get processed by the sportsbook in time.

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