Denver Broncos Probabilities

Peyton Manning is back! The Denver Broncos Super Bowl probabilities quickly rose after NFL Week 17 when Peyton Manning entered late in the game after Brock Osweiler left due to injury.

The Denver Broncos started the season as one of the top favorites to win the Super Bowl. This was assuming that Peyton Manning was playing up to his potential. Unfortunately for the Broncos, Manning playing at QB didn’t seem to happen this season.

Manning was benched earlier in the season for journeyman QB Brock Osweiler. The Broncos, who have been excellent on defense, have not been so great on offense. The team has lacked a true running back although receivers like Demaryius Thomas have caught their fair share of passes.

Denver Broncos Probabilities 2016

The Broncos defense has been blessed by the addition of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. While Phillips hasn’t had a ton of success as a head coach, whenever Phillips is a defensive coordinator, he has been able to coach up some of the best defenses in recent memory.

Needless to say, defenses have won Super Bowls before and the Broncos could be one of those teams that wins games on the defensive side of the ball. Look at the Broncos win over the Patriots in the regular season as an example.

The Denver Broncos are currently listed at 15/1 betting odds to win Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7th, 2016.

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