Which Team Will Finish With The Worst Record In The NFL This Year

Going into the 2017 NFL season which concludes with the 52nd Super Bowl, Sunday, February 5th, 2018, the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets are the two teams favored to finish with the worst record in the NFL. However, you can’t count out the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, who are also capable of finishing with the worst record.

The question on everyone’s mind now is which team will suck the most?

Cleveland Browns
The Browns are the reigning defending champs of ineptness, finishing 1-15 last season. This year, Cleveland traded for Brock Osweiler, and are now looking for a team to take him off their hands after naming rookie Deshone Kizer their opening day starter.

The Browns also got rid of talented players like Terrell Pryor and Joe Haden, so don‘t expect much out of the Browns this season.

Worst NFL Teams

New York Jets
The Jets were a 10 win team two seasons ago, but after last season’s 5-11 season, the team decided to take a blow torch to the roster and got rid of almost all their good players. Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and even Geno Smith are all on other teams and the Jets also announced this week that Josh McCown will be their starter. Be ready to see a lot of paper bags in the crowd this year.

San Francisco 49ers
They finished with the second worst record in the NFL last season and even though the team is actually trying to get back to their winning ways, expect things to get worse before they get better in the Bay Area.

Chicago Bears
Head coach John Fox will likely be looking for a new job at the end of the season. The Bears lost their best receiver to the Philadelphia Eagles and will likely have a rookie quarterback starting this year. Their defense, which was supposed to improve under Fox, will also be a liability this season.

From their roster makeup and what we have seen this preseason, it looks like the 49ers will edge out the Jets for the worst record in the NFL.

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