Pittsburgh Steelers LeVeon Bell Responds to Critics

Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeVeon Bell is now rapping. Bell considered by many to be the most complete back in the league. However, LeVeon hasn’t been shy about venting his frustrations with the team not giving him a long-term deal. This is has led to some being critical of his decision to stay away from offseason workouts.

The Steelers used their franchise tag on Bell last season. Bell has also been franchise tagged this season.  Despite asking the team not to use the franchise tag on him two years in a row.

Over the weekend, Bell released a rap single saying he feels like a target with people questioning his motives. He went on to explain that he is not “bad guy” that he’s made out to be, and also addressed some of the comments about him being out of shape when he joined the team last season leading to the team’s slow start.

Rapping NFL Players

In the latest NFL player news we look at rapping players. Bell also addressed his previous suspension by the league for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, pointing out that he never failed a drug test and the suspension was because he missed a couple of tests.

LeVeon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers

“Wonder why they treat me like the bad guy/You say I ain’t the best, but that’s a bad lie …

“… If I don’t do what you want, then you want me gone/I must say, you being real aggressive/The way you switch up on me real impressive …”

“… You can see I’m doing shows, so you think I’m out of shape ..”

“… All these people wanna trade/I’m the one they wanna hate/So to me, I’m a target …”

“… I think that I need a break/You know that I wanna stay/Some people just can’t relate/Just look at my point of view/I don’t have the time to waste …”

“… You think if I sat out, I’d be sluggish/You think they won’t pay me ’cause a drug test/Fun fact, I ain’t never failed one, that’s on me/You so worried ’bout the weed, what ’bout those PEDs …”

LeVeon Bell posted a link to listen to his single on iTunes, and thanked fans for the positive feedback.

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