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Legal Sports Betting to Become New Normal in US

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Familiar with legal sports betting? You will be if you live in the US in 2020. For decades, those who wished to bet on sports in America had 3 options.

They either had to fly to Vegas, bet using an offshore online casino or become friends with a seedy bookmaker. Soun familiar? While many Americans who were hell-bent on betting on sports would choose one of the three options (or all three), other Americans would simply stay away from sports betting. This while opting to try safe. Legal and regulated games such as daily fantasy sports.

Legal Sports Betting US 2020

With recent changes in US federal law, states are now allowed to offer sports betting. Every state has a different way of doing things. This is not likely to change. For example, some states are using the lottery system. This to administer sports betting while others are allowing licensed. Also, regulated private operators to conduct legal sports betting. Best of all, most consumers will not need to go to an actual sports betting parlor to conduct their wagering. They can simply load up an app on their smart phone and fund their account directly from their checking or savings account.

2020 US Legal Sports Betting

Compare this to what many offshore sportsbooks will require you to do such as buy and sell cryptocurrency and it becomes clear that many casual sports bettors will flock to the new minted betting pools in their states. This will certainly raise the profile of sports betting in America. In fact, ESPN can regularly be seen talking about the odds and the point spread of a specific sporting event today.

Over 20 years ago, talking about sports betting on TV was a big no-no. Only guys like Jimmy the Greek were able to casually elude to what the betting lines might be. Now that sports betting has become mainstream in the United States, more and more players will likely join the legal sports betting pools.

Look for more states to continue to legalize sports wagering as it is an easy way for states to raise revenue and keep money inside the boundaries of their state in the US.

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