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Legal Wagers in the United States

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Today we review where bettors can place legal wagers in the United States. Also, did you know that ever since the United States federal government released an opinion clarifying its stance on gambling regulations, sportsbook operations have started to pop up all across the US? That and more below.

Firstly, over a dozen states have either legalized sports betting or plan to legalize sportsbook wagering in the coming months. These states include the below. This list will be updated throughout the season.




New Mexico




North Carolina


West Virginia


New Jersey


New York

Rhode Island

New Hampshire

Secondly, this means that most Americans will be within driving distance of a state that will allow them to wager on sporting events. In the coming years, many experts expect that all states will allow some form of sports book wagering. For example, some of the states not listed above may not have sportsbook wagering. However, you can certainly logon to your phone and find legal wagers in horse racing wagering apps. This has been common since 1994.

Legal Wagering in the USA

Legal Wagers United States 2020

Furthermore, this leads to a very important question: Could the pending sportsbook craze be fueling a rush to open back up horse racing tracks in efforts to secure footing in the lucrative online gaming arena? Many horse racing tracks, such as Colonial Downs in Virginia, have seen a renaissance over the past couple years. Will this trend continue?

Many legal wagers experts seem to think that these facilities are opening back up because they could also double as sports betting lounges. Also, when a track is already operating a wagering platform, it might find an easier path to getting a full-fledged sports betting license in the future. What’s next in the United States?

United States Online Gambling

For American consumers, this is a net positive. While many online sportsbooks such as Bovada and BetOnline have been taking online sportsbook legal wagers for years, now ordinary consumers will not have to deal with converting US dollars into cryptocurrencies. This to begin making wagers. The other side of the coin is that online sportsbooks tend to have more lucrative odds and better prop bets than brick and mortar facilities. This additional flexibility will likely cause more interest in both onshore sports betting and offshore sports betting thus creating much larger wagers pools in the United States.

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